SUV A Sport Utility Vehicle

What Is An SUV? Detailed Description About SUVs

SUV is a most common word in the automobile industry and most of the people would have observed it in the advertisements too. “SUV” is an acronym for “Sports Utility Vehicle.” People often call these SUVs as 4×4 vehicles or jeeps. These vehicles have evolved a lot with time and you will observe some drastic differences in them. At first these vehicles are known for their sturdy built quality and spacious setup. The cars were so durable that people usually used them for off the road rides too but with the change in time, the usage of these cars is also changed.

The number of people using this car has increased and this has provoked the automobile manufacturers to design in a more stylish manner. Likewise the SUVs are looking more like cars these days.

Higher Capabilities

SUVs are not like regular cars. They are designed to take on the ways which are harder and have so many obstacles. The need to travel on rocks, small sized ponds and some off road places is the main reason for the production of SUV cars. Back when produced, these SUVs were very famous between the farmers and they are also used as emergency trucks too.

What Is An SUV? Detailed Description About SUVs
What Is An SUV? Detailed Description About SUVs

On Road Usage

Nowadays the motorists are using SUVs to travel more on road and as said earlier the manufacturers are concentrating in designing it in a better way. The popular elements of a SUV are incorporated into the normal cars and this has resulted in the production of a “Crossover.” The practical usage of SUV has made it famous among the dog owners too. This is the reason why the latest cars are also provided with the dog facility similar to SUV. The companies are customizing cars to meet the requirements of dog owners.

Is Crossover And SUV Same?

Well, technically the answer for this question is no. The crossover is very different when compared with the SUV. It is a mixture of both hatchback and an SUV.  So the answer for this is a big no. The crossover and SUV are not at all same.

Pros And Cons Of SUVs


  • Expensive Looks
  • More interior space- larger interiors with seven seats.
  • Raised ride height
  • Car can be driven anywhere
  • Highly practical
  • Can handle both slipper water as well as standing water.


  • Harder to park
  • Higher fuel consumption when compared to normal cars
  • Very expensive
  • Large turning circle
  • Bulky and very tricky to maneuver

Other Traits Of SUVs

SUVs are designed to meet everyday requirement of an adventurer or a person who are bound to travel off road. As the usage of the cars has increased the companies are experimenting with their performances. These days a lot of SUVs are provided with high end performance technology.

These jeeps are provided with the off-road mode which will enable some extra features of the cars. All you have to do is just hit on it and take your car to another level. The jeep will adjust to the off-road situations and gives great performance with this mode.

What Is An SUV? Detailed Description About SUVs
What Is An SUV? Detailed Description About SUVs