Top Five Race Car Design Online Magazines And Websites To Follow -

Top Five Race Car Design Online Magazines And Websites To Follow

A car parked in a parking lot

If you don’t build it, designing your own car can be a very satisfying experience. The design teams in the various motorsport disciplines are actively designing new solutions with one aim in mind: to create a car that, when combined with the driver, completes the distance of a track in less time than any other driver/vehicle combination present at the race venue at the time. But how is this accomplished?

Here are some places you can look up online to get  inspiration and knowledge :

1.Car Body Design

A racing car on a road

Car Body Design is an independent publication founded in 2004 by Marco Traverso and now owned by the Rome-based company Line22 SRL.

With over 2 million pages viewed per month, Car Body Design is now a leading website in the automobile and industrial design sectors.

Car Body Architecture is intended for manufacturers, architects, researchers, and enthusiasts in vehicle design and engineering. Car Body Design includes posts on sketching, design tutorials, design news, and an industrial design archive with access to industrial design studios and model sketching. That is why Car Body Style is so much more than a standard industrial design.

2. LucianoLuciano Bove 

A car parked on the side of a dirt field

He was born in 1963 in Nocera Inferiore, Italy, and at the age of 19 moved to California to begin his journey to become a car designer with the aim of being accepted by Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Auto Design Education is a blog for design students and car enthusiasts…

Follow this blog for fashion inspiration. Bove

3.Carblog Design is a blog about cars, car styles, car show activities, car show girls, amateur car design sketches, gossip, and the latest and most authentic car reviews. Follow this blog to get the most recent car design news, thoughts, and feedback, as well as much more.

4.African Cars

A display of Africa’s burgeoning car industry and automobile manufacturers. Jonathan Kasumba is an automobile designer who consults on various car designs. The Africa Automotive Design Association was founded by him. Follow this blog for automotive fashion inspiration and much more.

5.Drive Automotive

Drive automotive design consultancy has built an enviable reputation for offering high-quality design services to global automotive OEMs, specialist automobile producers, and low-volume car manufacturers. Follow this blog to get car concept suggestions and posts.


Practical insight and research connect our book information to real-world examples. For example, if you are building a rally car, studying the material, tube diameter, and configuration of a traditional rally roll cage would allow you to apply your basic engineering skills to a specific example. The best realistic examples come from cars that are similar in weight, speed, and operating atmosphere to your own.

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