Top 4 Electric car reviews - A Detailed Guide -

Top 4 Electric car reviews – A Detailed Guide

electric car reviews

Electric cars are assumed to be slow. Here is a list of 4 cars that are giving great completion to its petrol and diesel Rivals.

Porsche Taycan

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With a price range of 100,000$- 180,000$, this car comes with advanced and powerful design. For now, it stands solid and is the most powerful car. It has a safety rating of 5 given by Euro NCAP and above 8.5 ratings by most of the car review websites. And the brand of Porsche helps it be at the top of this list. Here are some pros and cons of this car.


Very powerful engine

Sharp on turns

Driving experience is awesome


Little expensive.

Inefficient at time in terms

Uncomfortable design.

Tesla Model 3

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To be honest, by the good god grace nearly everyone has heard of Tesla. Despite very low marketing and advertising. Tesla is hyped everywhere. Tesla launched this beast quite late as promised by Elon musk. It is one of the safest cars in the world by a safety rating of 4.5. It has special dog mode when you leave your dog alone and safe without having to worry about. With a price range of 40,000$-50,000$. This comes handy in terms of finance as compared to Porsche Taycan. But the main feature of this car is its self-driving feature. The brainchild of Elon musk can manage to stop if the driver has fallen asleep. It will stop itself it sees an obstacle and the driver is distracted. Youtubers have tested it on highways for free hand and it does work. But due to being in initial stages right now driver assistant is needed.


Technologically most advanced

Less charging needed

0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds


Interface can be distracting

Handling not the best.

Touch sensitive

Volkswagen Id.3

This compact car comes under the intelligent design series of Volkswagen. Originally it did start on experimental stage. But now it’s on the road. Though its safety are standards are not at par with the top two cars I have stated above. It has safety rating of 4. It comes in three variants with different capacity, Pure, pro and Pro S. The maximum gross capacity of this car is 82kwh. The Charging power is of the range 100 kw-125kw. In real world the maximum range of this car is fascination despite having a compact size is 390-550km.


Quality for less price

Turbo charging

Higher trim levels


Not that strong engine

Axels on the weaker side

Low resale value

Peugeot e-208

This model is electric version of the model Peugeot 208 whose first model was launched in 2012. With a top speed of 150 kph, it does show that its engine is not that powerful than its rivals but its model is evolving. It has looks like that of a sport car, with wide tires it comes along with nice suspension


Good interior

Good performance

Low price


Handling is little heavy

Body control is not good.

Not that fast.


Technology is moving faster than we ever imagined. These electric cars are expensive for now if compared to diesel and electric cars. But some of them are equally powerful. It is just a matter of time before they defeat the price of conventional cars.

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