Top 5 Safest SUVs

Which Are The Top 5 Safest Suv?

This is a very important and popular question among the buyers when they think of buying the SUV. Since the utility vehicle safety depends on many of the criteria and so it is important to look into it before buying the car. Some of the essential safety parameters are headlight performance, collision safety, airbags, and many others. And so here is the list of top 5 safest SUV which has been tested under severe conditions.

Which Are The Top 5 Safest Suv?
Which Are The Top 5 Safest Suv?

Acura RDX

Which Are The Top 5 Safest Suv?
Which Are The Top 5 Safest Suv?

This compact SUV has been redesigned and launched in 2019 again with the best style design and effective turbocharged four-valve cylinder engine. The Acura has been tested under various conditions and it has been found that the SUV is safe in all of these parameters. Also, it has undergone crash tests and other security analysis before its re-launch. This SUV is the best and safest option to buy as it includes safety features such as blind-spot detection and rear cross-traffic monitoring under dark situations.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Another one in the row is the Hyundai Santa Fe which is launched recently. It replaced the Santa Fe sport by including various safety features in it and effective styling. The headlight of the SUV is the IIHS top rating. This SUV produces the highest horsepower and torque which also includes better safety features such as door safety, airbags controller and gas removal, and so many other parameters. Santa Fe can be another option when looking to buy the safest SUV in the mid-range price segment.

Kia Sorento

This mid-size SUV is the best and reliable option for one who is considering the safety parameter. The Sorento 2019 has good crash tests ratings and gone through many of the tests across the board. In order to check for its performance and safety, the Sorento has been tested on various off-track and on holes. It has withstood in all of these situations effectively. This mid-range SUV offers the highest speed and good power along with the safety features. Hence, it becomes a better option for an individual who is looking for safety features along with the power and speed parameter in it.

Mercedes-Benz GLC class 2019

This classy SUV comes in many variants with dissimilar safety features. The company has conducted several relevant tests on it before launching it in the market. Some of the essential safety tests performed are crash tests, airbags opening tests, efficient headlight smoke tests and many others. With an effective style and excellent in-line safety features, the Mercedes GLC class is the best option to buy.

Subaru Ascent

Subaru Ascent 2019 has its safety-conscious image in the market as it offers various safety key features to the buyers. This makes it a first priority for the buyers who are majorly looking for the safety parameter. Some of the essential safety tests performed on this SUV makes it a reliable option. A safety key feature offered by this SUV includes powerful design, effective leather coverings, use of quality tires and smoke detection and buzzer effects. To all of these features, it has become one of the top-most choices for the individual to buy.

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