Reviews given for Progressive Car Insurance Company -

Reviews given for Progressive Car Insurance Company

progressive car insurance reviews

This company is regarded as the third largest insurer and is famous for its service of providing an array of coverage choices to the customers unlike the other competitors in the market. It has a 24 hours customer service and provides digital shopping  which brings it all together on a different higher footing than other companies. This was the first company to bring in the concepts of drive in claim  and pay as you drive. It gives you a user based insurance program with premium and installment pays. This company provides you with the best customer service. If you are looking for providing coverage to your car and motorcycle then this company is the best recommendation for you.


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  • Loan lease payoff and custom equipment and other special coverage options are provided to the customers.
  • Segway, golf cart, personal watercraft and a number of non auto vehicle insurance is provided to the customers.
  • Collision coverage included free pet coverage.
  • Certificates of SR22 are also provided.


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  • Power customer satisfaction score is average.
  • Full quotes are offered in place of estimates which can access your credit directly.
  • It doesn’t insure a car which has a worth less than 50000 dollars.

Assistance for Covid 19-

In response to the state guidelines, Progressive is offering a linency in credit. If offers to help people who need assistance with payment by providing them with a helpline number.


It offers some basic essential coverage to most of the insurers. These basic essential coverage includes:

  • Property liability.
  • Comprehensive.
  • Collision.
  • Underinsured motorist.
  • Medical payments 
  • Personal injury.

Optional coverage includes-

  • Assistance roadside.
  • Loan payoff.
  • Reimbursement for rental car.
  • They provide 5000 dollars for custom parts and equipment.
  • Coverage for rideshare.

Cost for progressive car insurance-

Unique rates are offered by insurers depending upon some personal factors such as driving record, license, age, vehicle etc and many other factors which can vary from one US state to another. Your premium is also affected due to the amount of insurance coverage and progressive also uses insurance score.

Discounts by Progressive Car Insurance-

Plethora of Pregressive discounts may vary from state to state but you will get multiple opportunities to save which are as follows:

  • Discounts for Youth- This includes people who are teenagers and students.
  • Discounts for loyalty
  • Discounts for safety.
  • Discounts for payment.
  • Other discounts.


Coverage and discount vary in all the states where progressive offers auto insurance. Minimum liability by drivers is required by most of the states.

How to get permanent quotes?

Progressive offers firm quotes unlike the other companies. You can avail quotes online or over the phone by calling the customer service.


Progressive ranked as average on all the states for its customer satisfaction with a point of 829. Progressive was 8 out of 22 in digital shopping. Progressive gives an A+ insurance obligation to customers.

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