Raptor SatNav For Off-Roading Convenience

Raptor SatNav For Off-Roading Convenience

When making the Ranger Raptor SatNav, Ford aimed for hardcore style off-roading. Off-roading allows you to explore the unknown. But you can also get lost easily. Now, with all-new features, this off-roading wonder has appeared in the market for daredevils who like to explore forests, mountains, and deserts. 

The outer body has been made to maximize durability, capability, and performance. The internal technology supports you by providing comfort and keeping you connected. No matter what your expectations are, satnav has your back. 

Greater Connectivity In Raptor Satnav 

The latest Raptor comes with FordPass Connect, which is a modem with 4G Wi-Fi. It provides real-time updates of traffic straight to the built-in navigation system. Hence, you stay connected with the world and utilize an accurate navigation system whenever going out. No need to worry about holdups due to traffic rush. 

Raptor SatNav For Off-Roading Convenience
Raptor SatNav For Off-Roading Convenience

The presence of FordPass Connect enhances to a whole new level of excellence when you connect it to the FordPass app. This pairing unlocks a wide range of additional features that you can use your smartphone to locate the Raptor, unlock and lock it remotely and monitor the mileage, fuel level as well as tire pressure.

Alerts related to your vehicle’s condition reach directly to your smartphone. If needed, you can program your vehicle right from the comfort of your home with a destination set via your phone. 

Easier Load Management In Raptor Satnav 

Loading items and unloading are way more accessible with satnav due to it’s easy to lift tailgate. The smart design of the tailgate makes it extremely light. Plus, you can smoothly open or close it when unloading or loading items. It makes life more comfortable when you are out in remote areas or transferring pickup from one location to another regularly. 

One-touch start in raptor satnav 

In satnav, you won’t have to worry about start-up issues every time you leave your vehicle out for a while. The Raptor has the feature to sense the fob presence automatically. It can detect its crucial fob, even if you keep it in your bag or pocket. It is because every Raptor comes with a uniquely created vital fob. Hence, you need to press the button once and let the Power Starter bring the engine to life. 

Quickclear Windscreen In Raptor Satnav 

Forget about the irritation when you see your windscreen on a frosty morning. Satnav has its very own Quick clear technology to clean the windshield immediately. You need to touch one button to start the heating of ultra-thin filaments. These filaments reach a level of superheating to instantly remove mist, fog, and ice from your windscreen. This feature also helps to defrost the vehicle wipers. 

Raptor SatNav For Off-Roading Convenience
Raptor SatNav For Off-Roading Convenience

Accurate Filling-up Of Fuel

Ford Easy-Fuel technology in this Raptor removes any chances of wrong fuel fill-up. It has a precise shape for the right nozzle to fit. Plus, the no-cap system saves from the issues of dirt collection in the fuel cap. 

So, no matter what you desire, SatNav can fulfil it!

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