How Do You Become a Car Exterior Designer

car exterior designer

A car exterior designer is usually responsible for developing an overall complete exterior appearance for a car. The job requires knowledge of color theory, lighting effects, visual aesthetics and 3D graphics, among others. It also entails knowledge about the technical details of aerodynamics, climate conditions and road construction. One can become a car exterior designer either as an individual or through employment with a car manufacturer or interior designer. Individuals who want to pursue careers as designers need to possess talent and creativity in addition to knowledge about car design and technology.

A 4-year Bachelor’s degree is usually required for aspiring car designers to be eligible for the position. Besides the degree, one must have excellent people skills, organization and time management. An advanced degree also proves useful for filling up different positions within a company. If you are currently a Bachelor’s degree holder, then getting a Master’s in interiors or car design is a good idea. In addition, a certificate in this field will give you an edge over other applicants.

An Overview

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To start your career as a car exterior designer, it would be helpful if you enroll at a school that offers hands-on training. Hands-on training will help you learn the different techniques used in clay modeling. The school will let you use clay models to practice what you learn and get accustomed to the different equipment and techniques. After you’ve completed the hands-on training, you can enroll in a class for becoming a certified maker chef. Certified makers chef are required to take a special exam before they can work as a chef. Taking a hands-on training class is also a good way to get a foot in the door, since many schools require potential chefs to take this course in order to become certified.

Another way for you to study to become a car exterior designer would be by taking a basic art class. Art classes usually teach students how to draw and paint with clay. This class may also include lectures on topics such as drawing and painting with charcoal, using modeling clay, and various techniques. Some of the topics taught in a basic art class may include using shadow boxes, creating different shapes using shadow boxes, and creating realistic lighting effects. Lectures about the subjects are given by professional car designers who can provide you with valuable information about the subject.

Becoming a Car Exterior Designer

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Aside from classroom instruction, there are also other ways for you to learn to become a clay model designer. You can attend an open clay model festival that usually occurs during the summer. At this event, professional car designers and car sketch artists show their works and speak about their craft. By attending one of these events, you can have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics with other interested participants.

If you want to pursue a career as a car designer, it would be best to get some hands-on training from a professional car designer and clay model maker. You can try attending a clay driving school or a driving academy if you want to learn to create car designs. During your training, you will be presented with a lecture video and a trial course.

A clay model class is a convenient way to learn to create clay models because you can do everything online. You can learn how to mold clay, how to lay out the pattern, and how to create the right texture. You can also get tips and information about creating different kinds of effects. Before you enroll in a clay modeling class, however, it would be best to check whether the school is accredited or certified.

Bottom Line

If you want to become a car exterior designer, it would be a good idea to learn to sketch your own car designs. In order to learn to sketch your car designs, you can join a car club that offers tutorial sessions. These tutorial sessions are held regularly, and you can learn to sketch your car designs in one session. This would give you a brief idea of what it takes to become a car maker.

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