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Homer Simpson Car Design – Brings Your Car Back To Life Like A Homer

Homer Simpson Car Design

When first seen the newest Samsung Galaxy Fold was instantly reminded of the famous Homer Simpson car episode on television, this particular clip is a great way to demonstrate the perils of allowing consumers to design their own Homer Simpson car theme. This device is truly an innovation in its own right. The ability to fold the phone into a small rectangle while keeping the larger display intact makes this device very easy to take anywhere. But it also offers consumers a chance to design their own car.

About Homer Simpson Car Design

A car parked in a parking lot

The famous opening lines from the famous episode, “Simpson and the Cape” features the lovable character driving his usual rat rod truck through some familiar streets. Homer Simpson is seen driving along the streets while complaining and making crude jokes about all of the road blocks he encounters. When he finally enters the home of his parents Lisa Simpson and Bart Simpson he has finally gotten everything out of his system. Homer enters the house and immediately starts complaining about the cold weather and how he needs a cigarette. His parents urge him to go outside but Homer ignores them and proceeds to stare at his paintings that he has set up all over the house. When his mother informs him that he can’t smoke inside the house Homer gets irritated and storms out of the house.

It’s hard to argue that Homer Simpson was one of the most loved characters in the most popular American sitcom of all time. He is portrayed as both a lovable character because of his laid back attitude and his expertise at driving. The recent discovery half brother of Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson also drives a unique vehicle that may very well be inspired by Homer Simpson’s favorite vehicle, the “Simpson and his ark”.

Famous TV Shows Family Guy

A car parked on a city street

One thing is for sure, the famous TV show Family Guy paved the way for many future comedy genre creations such as Mr. Show and The Simpsons. But what would have been even more memorable had it involved Homer Simpson at the wheel? Homer Simpson was an interesting creation, much like the rest of his family members, but he never managed to reach the top of the entertainment landscape. This is mostly due to the fact that his image became synonymous with driving. There are very few characters in the media today that are as universally loved and respected as Homer Simpson.

So what if Homer Simpson was your favorite vehicle? Do you think that your average American Homer Simpson car design would be the most liked? The Homer Simpson car design is certainly unique. Most people who enjoy driving Simpsons are more likely to buy custom cars rather than stock vehicles. These cars are generally much less likely to end up in a junkyard where old metalloids with arms on the side have been crushed.

Homer Simpson also happens to be the most recognizable character from the hit television series. Almost anyone who sees a Homer Simpson gif of Simpsons episode is immediately able to recognize the character’s face. For this reason, the Homer Simpson car design becomes very important. It’s hard to imagine someone who watches the show not thinking that the cars seen on the show are driven by Homer Simpson.

Homer Simpson Themed Event

Imagine, the possibilities. If you were in charge of organizing a Homer Simpson themed event at your business, you could hand out business cards with the logo of your company and ask people to bring their favorite Simpsons characters (including Homer Simpson, Marge, and Bart) and create a Homer Simpson crossover crash scene. You could have a place where people could take pictures and then have them placed in a Homer Simpson themed frame, making a large collage which would be displayed in an area where all the guests could view it. You could have prizes awarded to the best Homer Simpson car design gallery winners. There really are no limits.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about car companies creating their own versions of Homer Simpson designs is that it helps to create a bond between the company and its clients. When people see the real thing, they automatically associate it with Homer Simpson and the show makes it that much easier to create business.

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