You Should Know Your 4x4 -

You Should Know Your 4×4

Here Is Why You Should Know Your 4x4

For many of us out here, our vehicles are more precious than everything else. It is because of the thrill that driving gives in unmatchable and unbeatable. If you have just owned a 4×4, you are in the right place: Because today, we shall be talking about the best ways to Know Your 4×4 well.

Do you ask why you need to know your vehicle, and how is it going to benefit you? Here we have all the answers for you, and we will also help you understand why you should know that. Read on to know more.

Know Your 4×4: Understand Ground Clearance

Here Is Why You Should Know Your 4x4
Here Is Why You Should Know Your 4×4

Imagine a situation where you are driving your favorite car on rough and challenging terrain. The road is terrible, and you have to climb over a few rocks to get over to your destination. In such a case, if you do not know the ground clearance of your vehicle, you will not have an idea as to which rock to climb and which to give a pass. If you end up climbing a big rock, your vehicle might get stuck and also get damaged.

To overcome such a situation, refer your owner’s manual and understand which is the lowest point of your vehicle in terms of ground clearance. Usually, the differential of your car is the closest to the ground. However, it differs from vehicle to vehicle. So, we suggest you check with your dealer or refer the manual for more information on this.

Understand The Blind Spots

Irrespective of whether you are driving in bad terrains in the midst of the city, every vehicle has its blind spots. For the unknowns, a blind spot is where you cannot spot the vehicle or any other object that is behind or beside your vehicle.

If you do not know the blind spots of your vehicle, it becomes difficult to maneuver in the traffic. In the worst case, you might even end up hitting somebody while changing lanes. So, understand the blind spots of your vehicle and keep a watch on other vehicles.

Know Your 4×4: What’s The Fuel Efficiency?

Understanding fuel efficiency is the most critical aspect of knowing your vehicle. If you are planning a long trip and you do not see how much fuel you will need in your vehicle, you are inviting trouble! So, understand the fuel efficiency of your vehicle in different terrains like off-road, highway, city, etc., and stay safe!

Moreover, it will also help you understand if your engine has the optimum performance of needs any tweaks to do. A drop in fuel efficiency could also mean that there is an issue with the vehicle’s engine that you must get rectified.

Where Are Your Wheels?

Here Is Why You Should Know Your 4x4
Here Is Why You Should Know Your 4×4

It is the most common challenge that the new drivers find. It is easy to locate the drivers’ side wheel, but equally challenging to spot the wheels on the passenger side. If you do not know the width of your vehicle and position of your wheels, you will find it challenging to maneuver in the traffic, and your vehicle might end up kissing the other in cases of congestions. So, understand the width of your vehicle and the position of your tires for a safer ride.

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