7 Passenger Suv For Long Drive


A long drive with your family and friends can rejuvenate you from inside. It can be an excellent bonding experience while making some of the good lifelong memories. Nobody wants to buy a vehicle just to show-off or simply because there’s an upcoming road trip. But if you’re a frequent traveler and ride cars on off-roads, it is better to buy 7-passenger SUV as it is comfortable and is good for long rides. Here is the list of top five seven passengers SUV which you may consider it buying majorly for long rides.

Five 7-Passenger Suv For Long Drive
Five 7-Passenger Suv For Long Drive

The List of 7 Passenger Suv

Five 7-Passenger Suv For Long Drive
Five 7-Passenger Suv For Long Drive

Toyota Innova Crysta

This SUV is the perfect blend of performance and style. Innova Crysta is a seven-passenger SUV and is definitely the best MPV in the Indian market. It provides a smooth riding experience in the off-road as it has a good ability to easily handle the rough and off tracks. Crysta has various engine options and is quite good for the youths as it offers a great speed in no time. Crysta comes in dissimilar variants with a competitive market price.

Cadillac Escalade

The 2019 Cadillac Escalade is a perfect example of engineering as it stands out from rest other SUV in terms of speed, price, and technology. This seven-passenger SUV provides a combination of technology, easy functionality, and great sophistication. Escalade has an excellent interior which makes it truly remarkable in this price segment. Also, it has the highest horsepower of 420 which offers a great speed even on the off-road tracks. Consider this SUV also in your list as it is a perfect blend of luxury and comfortability.

Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is the hard competitor in the seven-passenger SUV range in market of 2019. It has a twin-turbocharged V6 engine which produces the highest horsepower of 375. Also, this SUV has great endurance as it can easily handle up to 9,300lb towing capacity.  Ford Expedition 7-passenger SUV offers effective LCD screen, 4 inbuilt cameras, and a good navigation system. This SUV is perfect for large families.


Another One in the row is BMW X5 which offers a great athletic driving experience. This piece of art has a good luxurious and spacious cabinet that is suitable for large families. X5 has an optional third-row option and includes a Sport Automatic Transmission with effective launch control and good variants in the engine providing various options to the buyers. Besides, it has comfortable leather seats which provide comfort to the passengers while traveling for a long distance. Overall, the BMW X5 is the amazing SUV in the market one can consider buying.

Infiniti QX8o

The Infiniti QX8o has the most stylish curves and good body lines that make it quite attractive on the streets. Besides, it has been engineered so well that it produces the highest horsepower of 400 in no time. This SUV has a best and luxurious interior which also includes the semi-line leather sittings. It has a 5.6-liter engine producing great torque and power. The finest wooden finish cabin is surrounded by 15 speakers. It is a good option for large family and friend groups.