Fears Of 4WD Owners


Four-wheel drive vehicles; also known as 4WDs, are some of the most powerful vehicles one can ever get. They were initially made for off-roading. However, you can see a lot of 4WD vehicles on the roads these days. More and more people prefer opting for this kind of vehicle due to the sheer power it has on offer and the way they can get out of any place without hassles of getting struck. If you also own a 4WD, this article is for you. It is because today, we shall be talking about the most common ‘Fears Of 4WD Owners’.

Let us face it – no matter which vehicle we own, we all have some fears about them. We are so protective of our vehicles. Now, let us talk about some of the concerns of newer four-wheel drive vehicle owners.

Fears Of 4WD Owners – Breaking A Bead

Fears Of 4WD Owners You Should Know About

This is one of the biggest problems of owning a four-wheel-drive vehicle. It is because these types of vehicles are often used off-roads, and it is where the most damage occurs. We sometimes need to climb over stones and drive in rough terrains. It results in breaking a bead, which is also known as losing a bead.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are prone to air-down easily when they go off-road. It happens when you turn too sharp or too fast against a rock. When the tire gets deflated, it quickly loses its beads and you then you might even need to change the tire to a new one to get rid of it.

Damage To New Vehicle

It applies not only to the owner of a four-wheel-drive vehicle but everyone. When the vehicle is new, we all take care of our vehicles in such a way that no damage occurs to our vehicle. Even the smallest scratch on our new vehicle will hurt us more than anything. It is because these vehicles are not affordable and make a dent in our pockets.

When we talk about 4WDs, we suggest that you add rock-sliders to the sides of the vehicle so that there is no damage occurring when you go off-road. Apart from that, you can also add aftermarket bumpers to the vehicle to protect the front and the back.

Getting Struck Can Be Among Fears Of 4WD Owners

Fears Of 4WD Owners You Should Know About
Fears Of 4WD Owners You Should Know About

4WDs are made to serve this purpose. Unlike the two-wheel-drive vehicles, they do not get stuck in rough terrains or a pit. However, there might be some cases when even these vehicles get stuck. As compared to 2WD cars, it is rare to happen with four-wheel drives.

However, if you get stuck somewhere, a quick pull by another vehicle is more than enough to get back on track because it has all the wheels rotating and comes out quickly as compared to conventional vehicles.


It is another common fear of four-wheel-drive vehicle owners. Every vehicle suffers breakdowns. If it is a conventional vehicle, even a moderately skilled mechanic can fix the vehicle. However, in the case of these vehicles, it gets difficult because it requires highly-skilled personnel to operate and understand the mechanism of 4WD. The good thing, however, is that the availability of such mechanics is increasing with the increase in the number of four-wheel-drive vehicles in the market.