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Exciting Balloon Car Design

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A balloon car is an exciting activity to make with kids. The car whizzes of at speed using the air filled in the balloon. It is a simple activity and you can make it with kids to entertain them and enhance their creativity skills.

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  • Balloon
  • Rubber band or tape
  • Flexible straw
  • For the body, you can either use a water bottle, toilet-paper tube, juice box, disposable cup, milk carton and any such item made from paper or plastic.
  • For the axles, you can select any one from straws, chopsticks or barbeque skewers.
  • For the wheels, you can select any one from candy mints, CDs, cardboard circles or bottle caps.
  • For the connector attached to the wheels to the axle, you can choose any one from dry sponge, foam, clay or marshmallow.


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  • For the jet, put the longer end of a flexible straw into a balloon.
  • Attach the straw and balloon in such a way that no air can escape. You can use a tape or a rubber band.
  • Insert the two axles. To do that, first you need to poke two holes into the bottle’s sides, on the side of the bottle that will be at the bottom of the balloon car design. Make the holes directly across each other and ensure that the axle goes straight across.
  • Repeat the same steps for the second axle.
  • Slide a barbeque skewer through each straw.
  • For the wheels, wedge a square piece of sponge or foam into the bottle cap to make a wheel.
  • Make four wheels this way.
  • Add the wheels by pushing a skewer into the sponge, using a skewer’s point to poke holes in the sponges.
  • Center the holes in such a way that the wheels spin evenly and do not wobble up an down.
  • Push the wheels onto the ends of the skewers.
  • Insert the jet by poking a hole in the top and back of the bottle.
  • Push the jet into place such that the straw’s balloon end pokes out the top and the open end pokes out the back.
  • The straw at the back is parallel to the floor or your tabletop. It is is pointing upwards, downwards or to the side, your car will not move as fast or far as if the jet points straight back.
  • Now power the jet by blowing up the balloon through the straw.
  • Put your finger over the straw end to stop the filled air from escaping.
  • Put the car on a smooth surface and watch it go zoom.

Fun Facts about Balloon Car

A balloon car uses jet power to move. The stored air pushes through the straw and creates thrust. This force helps the car to push forward. When the air from the balloon moves in one direction, it pushes the car in the opposite direction.

This is an exciting idea for a balloon car design. You should try to make this with your kids and watch them exclaim with happiness.

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