Car Warranty Reviews - Find Out Which Warranties Offer The Best Coverage -

Car Warranty Reviews – Find Out Which Warranties Offer The Best Coverage

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Car warranty reviews are important in a world that is shrinking by the day. The Internet has provided consumers with many alternatives when it comes to choosing the right extended coverage from their vehicle dealerships. There are many different kinds of extended warranties available for sale on the Internet. Some of these are even offered for free, and sometimes for a low price! But before one can get the best deal possible, it is important to know what he is getting for his money. In order to help you out, here are some tips to consider:

Extended Service Contract

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Find out if the extended warranty is through a car dealer, extended service contract, or directly from the manufacturer. Dealerships often have very expensive extended warranties because they are associated with the car manufacturer. On the other hand, extended vehicle warranties (ets) are usually sold by independent agents and therefore, cost less than a dealership extended plans. However, these plans usually cover more than just car repairs. For instance, they may also include rental car coverage, roadside assistance, and extended car rental or coverage. Some companies may offer all three at one time and others may choose one or two.

Most vehicle owners look into extended vehicle warranties (ets) to replace existing warranties on their cars and trucks. Extended service contracts (to) allow them to get full coverage without having to purchase an entirely new vehicle. This is ideal for people who want to drive new cars but don’t want to invest the cash required for this option. Although mileage vehicles require more money upfront, they can also be less costly in the long run when it comes to maintenance and repair costs.

Three Basic Kinds Of Car Warranties

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Car warranty companies have detailed descriptions of the types of services that are covered through their plans. There are three basic kinds of car warranties: life, motor warranty, and engine warranty. A life-time warranty guarantees repair and replacement of the car during the original manufacturer’s warranty term. A motor warranty, on the other hand, gives vehicles new parts whenever necessary or upon the end of the original warranty period. The third type, the engine warranty, covers repairs, replacement, and maintenance expenses for the engine and its components.

Vehicle warranties typically range from one to fifteen years. An extended warranty on a vehicle usually covers a vehicle for the life of the warranty. However, vehicle owners can purchase additional coverage through their own personal car warranty contracts or extended warranty from other sources.

Coverage Is Tailored To The Vehicle

Before purchasing an extended warranty, it is important to make sure that the coverage is tailored to the vehicle purchased. Some warranties only cover normal wear and tear. Other warranties may provide coverage for any specific damage or problem that the vehicle is supposed to experience. It is best to consult car dealers who specialize in used car sales to determine the exact coverage provided by a warranty. Most vehicle dealers sell vehicle service plans that are compatible with most warranties.


In many cases, car warranties are bought directly from the manufacturer. However, more companies are providing customers with the option of buying third-party warranties. These warranties are typically less expensive than manufacturer-sponsored warranties. When purchasing a third-party warranty, the customer should always read the fine print. Liability for damages incurred should always be spelled out in the warranty. Lastly, customers should ask their mechanic or dealership if they carry any special deals on warranty coverage.

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