Car Battery Charger Reviews Can Help You Find the Best Deals -

Car Battery Charger Reviews Can Help You Find the Best Deals

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A car battery charger that you can count on for years to come may be an expensive purchase, but it may also be one with a lengthy life. You would be wise to choose the right car battery charger for your needs, as not all are created equal. Following is a look at the types of car battery chargers available today, along with a brief review of each one.

For top performance, go with the lledio Corse Series 12-volt car battery charging system. This system delivers the most energy-efficient blend of price, performance, and excellent customer service. The Solar Series offers the perfect solution for either a garage or a small home-office. For maximum value, consider the GMEV DriveE electric motor vehicle (EV) charger.

A fast charging system should have some safety features in addition to top performance. The I steered charger for example has an impressive safety ratio of 90 percent. Another safety feature is an automatic shut-off system when the charge is complete. A battery charging system that protects against overcharging and overvoltage is recommended.

Features Of Car Battery Charger

There are also two other features to consider. Most electric vehicles come standard with a full charge indicator LED. These charge indicators will warn you when the battery is almost completely full. Overcharging can reduce the battery’s ability to hold a charge and result in a battery that must be drained prior to recharging. Other chargers will automatically detect when the battery is close to being fully charged and will stop the charging process if the battery is beyond capacity.

It is important that your charger has a display that lets you know what is happening with the battery. You should find at least one that displays the temperature of the battery and if you find that it continually displays inaccurate values, this may indicate overheating. This could be prevented by having the thermostat regulated to prevent drastic changes in indoor temperatures. You should look for a heater that has a safety cut off switch that automatically shuts off the power to the unit in case of a fire. All of these safety features will help eliminate the risk of overheating and will prevent damage to your battery.

Battery Charger Backplate

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You also want to find a charger that includes a battery charger backplate. The ability of the backplate to shield lead acid electrolyte vapors from the connecting wire is important. The Schumacher batter charger includes a backplate that is specifically designed to prevent damage to the wire insulation while providing an extra layer of safety. Many other manufacturers have incorporated a similar safety feature as well. It is not always necessary, but when batteries are overcharged they can often result in chemical burns and blackouts in vehicles.

Common Complaints 

One of the most common complaints with battery chargers is that they only charge to a partial capacity or completely to full. It is important to make sure that your battery is fully charged before installing a new charge as this can prevent an expensive repair bill. If the car battery you are using requires a jump start, consider a model that provides a jump start in order to use a fully automatic open top design when available. Fully automatic open top designs allow you to place the car in gear without locking the transmission into reverse.


Battery technology is always improving and manufacturers are always introducing products that provide the best overall quality in car batteries. It is important to keep your eyes open for possible future developments that will affect your purchase. Always avoid buying a battery based on reviews that focus only on negatives. Instead, seek out a dealer that is willing to provide information based on facts instead of opinion. These dealers typically offer the largest savings and may even offer discounts that will save even more money on your next vehicle purchase.

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