Autonomous Car News - What Makes The Most Of The Market -

Autonomous Car News – What Makes The Most Of The Market

autonomous car news

Recently autonomous car news has been coming up and these cars are also known as self-driven cars since they do not require the presence of humans to be able to guide them from one place to another. It is fully self-functional and capable of sensing its environment on its own. However, even though these two terms are often interchangeably used, they do not hold the same meaning since self-driven cars need at least a single human passenger in case of contingencies, not making them fully autonomous. Autonomous cars rely on sensors, actuators, complex algorithms, machine learning systems, and powerful processors to be able to perform their functions and adhere to their assigned tasks under any circumstances well. A few other features of autonomous cars are as follows.

Autonomous Car News – Lane Control

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By being able to sense the different lanes by monitoring the lane markers, autonomous cars are able to stay within their lane. These cars have cameras and sensors everywhere including the rear making it easier to detect any obstacles in areas one might commonly miss out on. It also allows them to identify road signs and signals through sensory data but the research and development sector is still working towards perfecting the car’s capability to pick up on its surroundings via sensors. They are also able to determine distances from one point to another- this could be between the start and end destination or even the distance from itself to another car on the lane beside it. Autonomous cars are also able to identify various objects or road hazards as well.

Cross-Car Communication

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Self-driven cars like Tesla communicate with other Teslas by sharing relevant road information over the shared cloud network so that in the future, the other self-driven cars can take note of the situation and know how to handle it. Life-saving instincts are the goal and hence vehicle-to-vehicle communication is on its way to becoming standardized for all autonomous and self-driven cars in order to prevent accidents. This is to replace the casual hand gestures or facial expressions of human drivers as communication needs to be present one way or another.

Autonomous Car News – Speed

Autonomous cars manage their speed and their adaptive cruise control feature allows them to not hastily increase or decrease its speed and move at a steady pace instead, unless otherwise necessary. This also helps the vehicle maintain a good distance from its surrounding vehicles on the road, and is especially useful mainly during heavy traffic.

5G will also enhance digital experiences such as video calling, online gaming, and self-driving cars. The objective of the 4G network was to ensure connectivity, but 5G takes this objective to the next level. This is achieved by delivering connected experiences from the cloud to the client. Smartphone users can still be connected to the internet as they constantly move between the wireless connections outside as well as the wireless network inside the buildings.


Autonomous and self-driven cars are already a reality and developers are only working towards making it all the more efficient, safe, and user-friendly for a better and accident-free experience on the road.

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