All That You Need To Know About Custom 4×4 Contest

All That You Need To Know About Custom 4x4 Contest

The custom 4×4 contest of the Year was the week-long test procedure. This test required rocky trail driving, set-piece off-road, seating tests (general long-distance traveling on a diversity of roads, load-area, and under-bonnet inspections. A few in the line-up for the contest this Year are freshest from the ground up. On the contrary, a few other cars are just the revision of the existing model. It is the reason you will not see the Toyotas in the mix.

Also, the contenders of the 4X4 of the Year are not judged against one another. Rather they decided as per the five award guidelines. In blind voting, all of the judges award each auto points out of ten as per every one of the five rules. Further, every point from all the judges then counted, and the carrier with the most points won the contest. It was that simple.

All That You Need To Know About Custom 4x4 Contest
All That You Need To Know About Custom 4×4 Contest

Vehicles Selected

As the shortlist, vehicles show a lot more than merely the best new 4x4s for the year. It is likewise a representation of the trends that matter in the broader 4×4 vehicle market. From the eight shortlisted vehicles for the contest, one is ute-based, and six are utes. All eight are diesel operated cars, and seven possess only four cylinders.

In no particular order, The 4X4OTY finalists are as follows:

Mahindra Pik-Up

Ford Ranger Raptor

SsangYong Rexton

Ford Everest 2.0L,

Volkswagen Amarok V6 Core

Ford Ranger 2.0L

HSV Colorado SportsCat+

Mercedes-Benz X250d

Though there are a lot of connections in the tech on display, still there is a wide range of prices. Such as the costliest vehicle, the Ford Ranger Raptor, is more than double the price of the least priced car i.e., the Mahindra Pik-Up.

All That You Need To Know About Custom 4x4 Contest
All That You Need To Know About Custom 4×4 Contest

How Did The Test Happen In Custom 4×4 Contest?

The vehicles in the contest went on the test for a whole week. For this, they drove on different unsealed as well as sealed roads, off-road trails, and outback tracks on private premises. The judges further observed at luggage areas, cabin seating, and topped underneath the bonnet. It is an exhaustive testing method, with all cars, scrutinized profoundly as much as possible.

How Did The Vehicles Score?

The score for vehicles as per the set 4×4 of the Year criteria is based on breaking new ground, value for money, how strongly it is built. Further, how thoroughly the vehicle does the job according to its design and how fitting it is for 4×4 touring.

Each of the judges then posts in the personal scores for all of the vehicles. So, the car that gets the top overall score is going to win the renowned 4x4OTY title. Already the contest saw a myriad of worthy winners all over the years. The competition gained immense fame since its inaugural award that was in the year 1984. From the past 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s to 2010s, there had been plenty of deserving winners.

New Additions To Custom 4×4 Contest

Furthermore, the contest organizers have developing budget brands in the game. They are India’s Mahindra as well as South Korea’s SsangYong.

Stay tuned along with us to know about all the behind-the-scenes. We will cover all that happens in the contest.

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