Best Hybrid SUVs

2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sport Two-door Build

These days, people prefer the hybrid version of any car. If they plan to buy a new four-wheeler vehicle, they straight away choose a seven wheeler car. And this choice includes the hybrid SUVs too.

The list of buyable hybrid SUVs is getting lengthier day by day. While some promises mileage, the other commitments the comfort and smooth driving access. The hybrid SUVs propose abundant space for passengers with comfortable door space and window space to enjoy a breathtaking view. So, if both of the two-sector is what you’re looking for, shopping Hybrid SUV will be the best choice. To make your search a little easier, here is a list of nine best hybrid SUVs.

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5 Best Hybrid SUVs for 2019 – Reviews & More

Lexus RX 450h – Hybrid SUVs

If you’re into buying a luxurious one among all other classic Hybrid SUVs, the Lexus RX 450h is the one for you. The car gives a pleasing, sophisticated and smooth performance to the one driving along with the passengers. It is characterized by a six-cylinder standard engine with output worth 308 hp which is sent via a CVT. If you compare to the earlier models with the ones of 2018, only the F-SPORT trim has been added. Besides all these, the car has NuLuxe sponsored leather on the steering wheels and the distinctive Lexus logo on the engine Bonnet. The unique, edgy design of this is enough to make a car lover go crazy about it.

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid -Hybrid SUVs

For a sporty and family look, this version of hybrid SUV from Porsche is ideal. The electric motor of this SUV provides 14 miles electric range with a quiet and butter-smooth riding experience. It has Apple CarPlay, WiFi hot spot and satellite radio that goes with its electric motor of 416 hp.

Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

With its 18-inch alloy wheels and four-cylinder supercharged engine, this Hybrid SUV made its grand debut in 2014. It has an electric motor worth 15-kW and a lithium-ion battery. It comes with roof rails and an exotic metallic outlook. Including the driver seat, it is an eight-seater SUV.

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5 Best Hybrid SUVs for 2019 – Reviews & More

Ford Escape Hybrid

This of the other Hybrid SUVs was into the market for a straight five-year plan – debuted in 200, discontinuing in 2010. The car is still popular among auto-savvy due to its great service. The SUV boasted 2.5L four-cylinder engine powerfully paired with an electric motor of 70-kW. The total power rating was 153 hp. Moreover, it can be driven into tougher terrains due to its 16-inch wheels.

BMW x5 xDrive40e

The output power of this SUV is worth 308 hp. If you dream of a car that can be plugged in for charging, this Hybrid SUV is the one. The 2017 version car of this model had a mileage worth 14miles with a direct plugging facility to a 120V household outlet. The car is surely a head-turner with the leather-coated steering wheels and attractive outlook. After all, the three alphabet brand name is worth to trust for.  

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